“Fantastic, Creative, and Professional! It has been great to work with this company. They are very professional, quick to respond, provide great rates/pricing, and have creative visions for your landscaping needs! Since moving to this area, Advanced Landscapes, is the only company my husband and I can trust with our business. We use this company for their complete lawn care and landscaping services. You will be dealing with professionals who are respectful, fair, and who strive to create an amazing look for your yard! I highly recommend using this company! We have contracted them to maintain our lawn and landscape the front, side, and back yard! We are very pleased and will continue to only do business with this company in the greater Killeen, TX area. You will be very happy with their fantastic work, pricing, and professionalism”


Well I have never written a testimonial before but here it goes! I know that I am a very picky person. I believe that if I am paying for something I need to get what I want…period. I expect as close to perfection as possible, I expect people to do what they say they are going to do, and I expect great communication as I work overseas. Jason is all of the above. He clearly communicates what services my lawn needs and exactly how much it will cost (no hidden cost). He follows through on everything he states will be done. He checks on his work in-between services to make sure things are coming along as he expected. He sends me photos to show me how everything looks. He even offered to get a soil sample and send it off for testing if the lawn didn’t “green” as much as we thought it should. Jason is honest, dependable, and reasonably priced and I am EXTREMELY grateful for the service he has provided. Customer service is NOT dead and my lawn looks great!