Sprinklers & Irrigation

New Irrigation

Custom design of the most efficient watering system for your entire landscape, including rotors, spray heads, drip, and low pressure components. Rain sensors are standard with every installation and wind sensors are optional.

Irrigation Improvement, Repair, and Replacement

Inspection of existing irrigations systems including electrical components, backflow prevention devices, mechanical components and system hydraulics. Repair and replacement of malfunctioning system components. Upgrades such as rain sensors, wind sensors and station additions.

Irrigation System Design

Advanced Landscapes provides design services as part of complete irrigation services and as a stand alone offering. Project integrated design work will be done at no charge to the customer with purchase of the project. Any design work performed as a stand alone service or as part of a project that is not purchased will be charged at our current hourly rates.

Backflow Inspection and Certification

Annual inspection and certification of backflow prevention devices.


We cater to many tastes and lifestyles. Our offerings consist of decorative and tranquil water features ranging from micro ponds to full scale ponds with waterfalls, flowing rivers, and water dwelling plants. Whether you desire a small pond or a tropical paradise, we will deliver!